Medical Exam Day

God answered another prayer today. Gemma did WONDERFULLY well at her medical exam. Consider this:
--there were 20, 30, maybe more families all in the tiny exam building at the same time
--there were LOTS of crying babies and kids
--all of the people around her were strangers except us
--she was poked, prodded, etc.
--she had to get a TB test which required a needle in the arm
All of this, and Gemma only cried once--when she got the TB test. And even then, she didn't cry much because she got a yummy piece of candy afterwards. SUCH a good girl!!!

After we returned to the hotel, we fed the girls a light lunch in our room and then ventured to Starbucks for an anniversary, celebratory frappuccino. The girls got a little treat, too.

After that, I headed upstairs with the other moms to fill out more paperwork, and Simon stayed with the girls. When I returned, he looked like he'd been through the wringer! He said Gemma was out of control--laughing, playing, being silly, even being mischievous. Honestly, we did not expect this from her while we were still in China. We thought it would take a lot longer for her to feel comfortable with us. We see this as another answer to prayer. It looks like we might have to institute some rules and consequences while we're still here. LOL. :)

Thank you all for the lovely anniversary wishes. 17 years have just FLOWN by. I still can't believe we've been together for that long! And I'm so excited to see what the next 17 years (and beyond) will bring!!


Getting a little movie time in

Eating orange juice with a spoon

Fish feeding time again

On the "big" bus to the medical exam

Rebecca tries to prepare us for the mayhem that was to ensue

Medical exam building on Shamian Island

Patiently waiting her turn...a pen turned out to be the best entertainment

Mama, I accidentally wrote on myself. Can you please get it off?

Seriously, did that chair come from Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory or something?

Just a few of the families visiting the medical clinic today

ENT check up

Gracie patiently waited for Gemma to get done (it helped that Tom and Jerry was playing on the waiting room)

You're not supposed to touch that, Gemma Lu!

Handy Manny in Chinese

Yum! A Starbucks treat for mom and dad's anniversary.

Silly girls!

Sticker time!


Martha said…
Happy Anniversary you two!! It looks like you has a sweet day with your ladies. Love you and can't wait to see you all next Friday!
Vicky said…
Again, Happy Anniversary! Great photos!
Mike and Barb said…
Great pictures, and Happy Anniversary!
And in case I haven't said it yet - would you please tell Rebecca hi!! She may remember us from December and adopting Ma Pei, and wanting to go to Yellowstone National Park with us :)

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