Last Day in Guangzhou

I started this today before we checked out of the hotel. It's been another adventurous but good day, and before I go to sleep I figured I'd post what I have so far.

Wow, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday we touched down in Guangzhou and were greeted by Rebecca, our guide at the airport. As we prepare for the first leg home, I figured I'd piggyback on an idea from one of the families we met and Amy's blog post.

Things I miss the most:(aside from friends and family)
  • Our pets

  • American Starbucks and JoltNBolt

  • Riding my bike

  • My SMARTPHONE! (just a wee bit)

  • The smell of my freshly cut lawn

  • Making my own lattes

  • Not sweating profusely just walking down the street

  • Driving myself where I want to go, when I want to go

  • American sports! College Football anyone?

  • My bed

  • Dairy Queen Blizzard

USA, Here we come!


      Vicky said…
      I've been praying for a safe trip home. I sure hope that you made it home before Hurricane Irene royally messed up the flight schedule for so many across the US.

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