Beijing--Day 2

We visited a jade factory today. We learned that some jade is so hard that it can only be carved using diamonds. This sculpture was carved out of 1 piece of jade...believe it.

Gracie got a pretty jade bracelet.

Here's the obligatory tourist shot on the Great Wall. There were thousands of people there! We started up the part of the wall that you see behind us, but there were so many people, we decided to climb the "wall less traveled." We couldn't figure out at first why it wasn't as crowded. After climbing a bit--and not being able to breathe--we understood.

Where's Lambie??

Simon was a ROCKSTAR! He gave G a piggyback up the steepest part of the wall! You da man!!!

Breathtaking view!!

I forgot to say that temps here are hotter than blazes! Add in the high humidity, and during our Wall climb, the sweat.was.pouring.down.

Simon's Ireland tshirt makes me ponder--though the views were beautiful, the humanity we saw at the Wall was amazing! People from all races, nationalities, age groups, and walks of was a truly awe-inspiring experience.

We climbed up that?! (Photo taken on our way down.)

Tired little diva on the ride back.


Vicky said…
What wonderful memories you will have! Love all the photos!
MotherOfTwo said…
An experience of a lifetime! This is the stuff good memories are made from. To be able to look back together and say, "Remember when...."
Martha said…
So COOL!!! Gracie looks like she belongs there (you, too!)!! That looks like the part of the Wall I climbed... my legs are feeling for you. :) Love you so much...
Stephanie said…
Love it all! The photo of Lambie got me cracking up. Safe Travels!! :)
Ruth Ross said…
Love how Gracie fell asleep with her legs crossed :) too cute!! but glad that she is getting much needed rest! hope you guys are too! Love you!
Sarah said…
Amazing shots!!! And Gracie is too cute. Love you all!!!

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