Updated photos of Sanhui and...her English name!

After we received our LOA last week, I ordered a care package from Ladybugs n Love. We just today received these updated photos of Sanhui as well as some information about her. What a blessing!! We learned that she is very scared of strangers, so we will have to be extremely patient with her and just love, love, love her until she trusts us!

We've also decided to share what her English name is. This adoption has been quite a bit different than Gracie's, so we're going to do things a bit differently than we did with Gracie. Sanhui's full English name will be:

"GEMMA" means "gem, jewel, or precious stone," and she is VERY precious to us!
"LUCILLE" is Simon's grandma's middle name (Gracie also has a family middle name).


Vicky said…
Love that you have your update and photos! What a precious name!
Jen said…
She is beautiful! And I LOVE the name!!
awwwwwwww she is GORGEOUS YAY for LOA
Adrian Roberta said…
God literally named our Daughter Gemma aswell in 2004. Such a Precious name indeed!

Z group
Judi said…
Beautiful new pictures of your adorable daughter! A beautiful name as well!
quilt'n-mama said…
What beautiful pictures, I hope I get to meet your sweet Gemma in China. Please Lord, bring our TA's soon!

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