I still can't believe it, even after several hours...even as I type this...WE RECEIVED OUR TA TODAY. It's certainly a miracle!! I've been praying since LOA (July 11), and even before that, that somehow we'd receive our TA prior to August 1st in order to avoid some lengthy (and costly) new post-placement regulations. I seriously did not expect TA today. Only 18 DAYS AFTER LOA????? UNHEARD OF!!! And BEFORE THE AUGUST 1st CUTOFF???ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!? God, YOU are amazing!!

Hang on, Gemma Lu!!! Mama, Baba, and Jie Jie Gracie are coming sooner than ANY OF US thought!!!


Vicky said…
God is so good and I am thrilled for you! Looking forward to following as you go to receive your beautiful daughter! Yeah! :o)
Adrian Roberta said…
So in awe of all God's been doing to bring these amazing children home. so happy for you Amy and for GEMMA!!! (love lvoe love that name)
Jackie said…
Praise God! What a miracle! Congratulations you guys. We can't wait to meet Gemma!
quilt'n-mama said…
I am rejoicing with you and praying that we will meet up in China my friend!
Talk to you soon!

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