Random Christmas Memory

I was driving to work today when "Sleigh Ride" came up on my phone (Pandora) playing through my car stereo. As I listened to the song a vivid memory came to me as it often does whenever I hear this particular song, particularly the instrumental version. When I was a kid, not quite sure how old I was but I think I was middle school age. (7th or 8th grade) my dad informed me that he had a surprise for me. It must have been late October or November. I remember being very excited having no clue what awaited me. We drove uptown and proceeded to walk up the stairs above Dick & Floyds where I believe there was a dance studio? (not totally sure) Anyway, once we got up there I saw Mr. Dickinson and Claudia Laskey and some other people. I was a little confused as to how this was a surprise for me, until Mr. D began playing his trumpet. My dad then informed me that they were rehearsing a skit/commercial for SilverHorn Ski area (advertisement) Mr. D's laser sharp trumpet sound and warm tone was amazing as he played a rendition of "Sleigh Ride" completely solo. Since I was completely mesmerized by the trumpet playing, I have forgotten what else was happening, but I think it involved Claudia dancing or something. After a couple verses Mr. D then gets comes together with Claudia and they walk out  and Mr. D. says "See boys, it pays to play on Silver Horn." I have always been inspired by Mr. D's horn playing and teaching. I'm also glad I had parents that took time to treat me to things that would encourage me in my activities and pursuits.


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