August Walk - Thankfulness

I've been meaning to get a couple blog entries up in the past few weeks, but with "life" happening at breakneck speed, my best laid plans have often been pushed aside. But I find myself at the computer this evening after another very full day, capped off by wiggling a loose tooth belonging to our soon-to-be 7 year old (yikes) and then reading her a story before bed. So much has happened in the last few months yet as I looked at our blog I noticed the last time I took time to write was on the day of the passing of our cat "Little Al." 

In an effort to adhere to my resolution, I'm trying to allow myself to post simple things to the blog to 1. Help me express my thoughts/feelings in writing 2. Share our experiences with friends and family and 3. To help me to constantly remember the abundance of things that I am thankful. (topic of this post)

I thought the picture I included with this post was worth more than a thousand words. It was taken this August when we decided to take a walk up Montgomery Gulch. G trudged along with A and me and marveled at the simplest of things including rocks, the creek, weeds, leaves, and flowers. I remember soaking up those moments as G asked many questions throughout the walk. Later as I lagged behind I looked ahead and there were my two girls walking hand in hand with the sun hitting them just right, just like God positioned everything just so. 

I'm continually reminded of how blessed I am, but particularly I wanted to write about how thankful I am for G and Amy.We have had our share of trials, challenges, and changes recently, but Amy has been an even stronger woman than I could have imagined. She is such a wonderful wife, mother, and person and I really appreciate all she does for our family. 

Our precious daughter Gracie continues to amaze me too. Seeing how much she continues to change is an amazing experience. I am particularly aware of how my words and actions are received by G as she becomes more aware and comprehends more of the nuances of communication. For example, generic and superficial responses by me, mostly out of laziness, are no longer edifying to Gracie. I am finding that she needs active, meaningful interaction on a higher level for her to grow and want to talk. I have a great book titled "She Calls Me Daddy," by Gary Smalley  that I have read at least 5 times now. It was given to me as a gift and I have gleaned so much from it already, including making sure my girl knows I'm interested in all things she thinks and does. 

Although I could go on and on (remember this was supposed to be a simple post) I will close with this thought. I've learned a great deal about my relationship with God simply by my experiences with my wife and my daughter. It has been so powerful and meaningful to grow and experience these lessons every day. I've often commented about getting teared up at the drop of a hat, but I want to make it clear that those tears and strong emotions aren't from grief or sadness, but of overwhelming love and thankfulness for what I have been blessed with. 

Be thankful friends!


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