Well here we are, another 4th of July Weekend is upon us. It seems like a few days ago we were saying goodbye to 2009. I admit regrettably that I struggle to post to this blog regularly. The frustrating part is that I have no shortage of things to write about. In fact, I often have thoughts multiple times per day that I instantly think, "this would be something to write/blog about," but I then find myself getting too busy to find the time to write it out. To make things worse, I then find myself saying "I can't blog about Y before I blog about X, since X happened first. I then neglect to write things out pushing things further and further out. So no more empty promises or resolutions about more blog posts, or devotion to writing regularly, because I know I'll fall short. Instead I'll bust out of the chronological rut and hopefully get some stuff going. 

It has been a great week at the Miller household. Nothing spectacular has happened, no great revelations. Instead it is the small things that have been so rewarding. Things like celebrating my Grandpa Jim's 84th birthday with family. We ate, laughed, shared stories, and enjoyed the June evening at 419 Mission Ave. Some recent events have reminded me how blessed I am and how much I need to live for each moment and not dwell on small problems, worries, frustrations, or inconveniences. Each passing day is a reminder of how short our lives here really are. It was amazing to sit outside and take in all of these blessings. Grandpa shared some great memories of growing up and was joined by his sister Kay as they shared some great stories of sledding uptown Kellogg and other adventures. Grandpa also reminded us all that where we all tend to focus and celebrate the Italian side of the family (Grandma), he was equally as proud of his German heritage. Fittingly we feasted on sausages and sauerkraut.  

Other events of the week that were special included playing some golf with Little G, taking a quick trip down to the lake with my dad, and dusting off the trumpet and playing some tunes with the Summer band session. I'm thankful for all those experiences and opportunities. 

This weekend we will be heading to Carlin Cove Ct. to celebrate the 4th of July, including a trip to Coeur d' Alene for the parade which is one of G's favorite events. (she has lots of favorites) I hope everyone has a safe and memorable 4th of July Weekend. 

Hopefully this blog breaks my slump. Fleeting time will tell. Until then, enjoy your friends and family and don't sweat the small stuff.


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