Hello Dolly!

I realize it has been about a month since my last blog post. That post was in memory of our dear pup Griffey who we had to put to sleep after many years of his faithful companionship. In the weeks that followed we struggled and remembered Griff very fondly. We missed all his little habits and mannerisms, but most of all we missed his companionship. As the days went on, we decided that we wanted to get another dog. We checked the dachshund rescue site as well as some other sources. Nothing materialized, but I received a text message from my friend Ken Lagerquist with a website he had seen. I went to the website and called the number. From there I got some great direction from Wendy about a lady who had 2 black/tan mini dachshunds in Coeur d' Alene. I called and we went over Wednesday the 28th! I've posted on Facebook and uploaded a few pictures, but I haven't officially introduced our new addition yet. Dolly the Doxie is now officially part of our family and I am now the only male in the house! So far Dolly has been a joy to have (sans the 4AM wake up calls) and loves to play with the cats! Chloe is her favorite because she loves to run, chase, and wrestle. It is hilarious to watch. So here we go with potty training, kennel training, and trying to sleep through the night, but in the end well worth the effort. Dolly is already very much attached to us and we to her.


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