Day 4: Getting Better

Well day 4 is in the books and everything went pretty well. No, I don't plan to post a blog for all 180 days of Kindergarten, rather I figured I would finish off the week just because. Today, I still had a little "heart tug" moment, but not as intense as the past few days. I have been trying to explain to Gracie that I will eventually drop her off in front of the school and not go all the way in and she says OK. So today I figured I would take advantage of the moment and when we got in the double doors I said "OK I'm going to let you go find your room and go play by yourself." Gracie gave me a little bit of a look like she wasn't sure how to deal with it, but once again I sucked it up and said, "you'll be fine, you know where to go." As I walked out to the car, I had twinges of "I hope she's OK," and "was she ready for that?" but they turned into being thankful for how far we had come. When I told the story to Amy she said, "enjoy that feeling, because pretty soon she will ask to be dropped off so no one sees you." Oh the madness!

Today after school when talking with G and asking how the day went, she had all sorts of great stories to tell about her 4th day. She is doing so well and seems to really like it. I'm thankful for that, and am proud of my little girl growing up.

Tomorrow, Day 5, I will be dining with G at lunch. It should be fun!


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