Two Worlds, One Record

New Year's Resolution: Blog More.

Well, so much for that one. I perform so many tech related tasks daily that sometimes blogging is the last thing I feel like doing. But so much has happenened. I keep threatening to Amy to blog more and talk about our precious Gracie and how much she has grown. We watched some videos of her the other night and couldn't believe how much she has changed! I want to continue to try to post updates here as well as on my facebook page. I also think I should post some of our favorite Gracie-isms that are just the best.

Which brings me to the first one. I am usually in charge of "bath time," and most of the time Gracie has her choice of a "short," "medium," or "long" bath. She almost always chooses "long" which means she is in the tub for a long time. But lately she has wanted to take short baths so she has more time to play, color, etc. So the other night I told Gracie "we should set a record tonight with a quick bath." Gracie replied with "we should set a world record." So the bath was very fast and quite possibly a "world record" for Gracie. A couple nights later it was bath time again and Gracie said "Daddy I think we should do two worlds one record tonight." I was perplexed. Seeing my confusion she says "you know, a world WORLD record!" Ahhh! The light went on. She was emphasizing something even greater than a world record! Excellent! So now we use "Two Worlds One Record" all the time when we want something done quickly!


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