Start Out the Year With a Bang

January 5th, I was doing the score book at a KHS basketball game. Throughout the games, I felt what I thought was some stomach cramps or possibly mild indigestion. I figured it was due to my sitting for 2+ hours at the scorers table with no stretching or moving around. An hour or so later, the final game ended and we packed up and headed for home. I thought getting up and walking around would help. No such luck. When we got home we put Gracie to bed first. Then as I changed for bed, I noticed the pain still persisting in my stomach and it was pretty intense. I mentally reviewed what I had eaten throughout the day and found no reason to point to my stomach discomfort.

Next, I tried to lie down and go to sleep. After tossing and turning for about 30 minutes, I told Amy I couldn't sleep and went downstairs to wait it out. Unfortunately, the pain intensified, albeit slowly. Surely this indigestion would go away after a while I said to myself again as I went upstairs to try to eat/drink something to soothe my pain. No luck. In fact, things worstened again. I had a serious case of the chills despite the fact I had 3 blankets on and I couldn't get comfortable at all.

So like any true computer geek, I mustered up the strength and went to Google and put in my symptoms. After narrorowing it a few times I found some helpful medical sites that gave me some clues. After 5 agonizing minutes of sifting through symptoms and possible diagnoses, I was fairly certain that it was appendicitis. It was now 1AM and I still hesitated to wake up Amy. Then after some prayers, I noticed the pain seemed to be radiating towards my lower right abdomen area just like the web sites said. At that point I woke up Amy and my parents so that they could come watch Gracie while we went to the ER.

Hours, blood tests, and a CAT Scan later, the diagnosis was final. Appendicitis. A few more hours and I was being prepped for surgery. (lucky for me the surgeon was at the hospital that day!) The surgery went well and I am healing up slowly but surely. It was an ordeal I will not forget.


I heard you had surgery, but wasn't sure what had happened. Praise the Lord is all turned out fine, and that you are recovering well!!!
Anonymous said…
Wow, what a way to start the year off! But hey, now that you've got that out of your system, have a great (healthy) year. We miss you guys. Say hi to your family, ok?

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