Simon Miller: The Richest Guy in Cyberspace

I got to work today knowing that I would find my email box overflowing with technical issues, tech bulletins, tech help requests,and meeting requests. However, what I found this morning (and throughout the day) was an overflowing inbox that was instead full of the kindest, most heartfelt, and thoughtful email wishes arriving from Philedelphia, to Seattle. I am sure it will come as no surprise to all of you that most of those birthday well wishes brought tears of thankfulness and joy to my eyes. I hope you don't mind that I am posting this electronic thank you to all of you as I don't want it to seem impersonal at all. 

One of my favorite movies of all time is "It's A Wonderful Life," to which I am sure you all have mixed reactions. :-) Well, I happen to think that the message in this movie is paramount to our short life here on Earth. It's not the monetary wealth you gain, nor the material items you collect that are important in life. Rather, it is the people you know, and the relationships you have with them that persist despite everything else. Today, after logging in (yes dad, I used that as a verb) and seeing all the wonderful messages from all of you (Amy, Mom/Dad, Aunt Diane, Danee, Corey B., Erin, Bonnie, Ruth, Scott, Mr. D, Gwen, Tim, Laurie, Rodger/Connie, Martha, Auntie Mary, Mark, Sarah, Ava, Lukie-Bob... and the list grows by the minute!) I really felt like the richest guy in town, only the"town" is cyberspace. 

This year I have seen friends and loved ones battle the every day challenges of life including jobs, cancer, tumors, surgery, stress, and many other difficulties. By the unconditional Grace of God, I have been blessed beyond comprehension in so many ways. So my birthday wish to all of you on this day is to take time to reflect on and appreciate all that we have. Life is too short to let the other stuff have bring us down. 

Thank you all for all the great birthday wishes. You have all blessed me in a very special way. 




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