Mostaccioli and Rainbows

On Sunday April 6th, we attended the Knights of Columbus Mostaccioli Dinner at St. Rita's Church. This longstanding tradition is a popular outing for many families and friends across a wide range of generations. It is always fun to see all the people and the families each year. In a way it is kind of like a big reunion. Well, in addition to delicious food and a fun atmosphere, while we were leaving and going to the car we noticed it was raining and sun shining at the same time! That meant one thing... there was a RAINBOW somewhere! Gracie has been talking about rainbows for a long time and had seen them in books, videos, and pictures, but she hadn't actually seen one in person.... until Sunday. As we got outside we looked around and finally, there it was... a rainbow! Gracie was so excited she could hardly contain herself. As we took a little stroll around Kellogg just to see the sights, we could see the rainbow even better. As it rained off and on later that day, Gracie and Grandma Dee were able to capture a real rainbow with Grandma's camera. What a wonderful day.


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