Christmas Break Recap

Here we are at the conclusion of another Christmas Break that has come and gone far to quickly. We have had a very blessed and busy time during our vacation. We did many things including traveling to Tacoma and back, attending basketball games, playing in the snow, and welcoming in the new year with family.

One of my favorite memories of the entire break is watching Gracie open all the wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gifts she received from family and friends. She received many interesting gifts and appreciates them all. Everything from candy to clothes, to a princess tent that nearly takes up the entire play area of the family room! (pictures to come soon!) She also received movies, horses, and a princess carriage that plays music. (mom and dad really love that one!)

Santa was good to the Millers this Christmas. But through all the gift exchanges, gatherings, fellowship, travel, goodies, and shopping, one thing remained constantly on our hearts: we celebrate Christmas because God gave us the perfect gift many years ago. Sometimes things can get carried away around Christmastime, but here we are as the Christmas season winds down, and God's perfect Gift still remains in all of us. Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate yet another wonderful Christmas!


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