OK, yesterday was a travel day. We made the trek from Tacoma to Kellogg to return from our Christmas adventures. The roads were actually not bad, until after 350+ miles and 2 major mountain passes when we hit Cataldo, Idaho. The last 20 miles of the journey were the most treacherous!

So I figured I would post a quick few lines about snow. All of this wonderful white stuff brings back some great memories for me. We loved playing in the snow. It always amuses me when people have such negative feelings for snow, when they live in North Idaho! Granted, it sometimes makes travel difficult, and I know it makes it tougher for people to get out and about. In fact, I know of people who even recently have had close brushes with slippery road conditions due to snow. But given all that it brings, I still love it when it piles up!

Today we celebrated "Christmas II" at my parents' house. The snow made it even more fun! It was a magnificent day. And as I type, the snow is still coming down!


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