Chrismas Eve

Well, I am not doing so well keeping up in the "Blog-o-sphere" so I figured I would try to post more regularly during the CHRISTMAS holiday. Yes that is right CHRISTMAS. That is what I celebrate and believe wholeheartedly in. So if you are offended by that, I guess this isn't the blog for you!

I have many fond memories of Christmas Eve all the way from childhood to recent years. Some of my favorite memories are how we used to spend the day out at Grandma Donna and Grandpa Bud's with the Van Vleet side of my family. We always had a really fun time, both kids and adults. One particular Christmas Eve we had what we firmly believed was a real encounter with Santa.

It was evening and all the kids (Me, Sarah, Paul, Dawn, Danee) were anxiously waiting to open our presents when outside we heard what sounded like sleigh bells! We immediately went into a frenzy and when the adults joined in. "Is that Santa?" they said with excitement. Immediately Paul and I rushed outside to the front porch into the snowy winter scape. It was a picturesque Christmas Eve, snow, lights, cold air, and now sleigh bells! Immediately we began scanning the sky for Santa, and shortly thereafter we "saw" him. We all swore we saw Santa in the sky flying off to deliver more toys. When we returned there before my eyes was a Green Machine Big Wheel! Paul and I both got one and we simply could not contain ourselves. I am not totally sure what Dawn, Danee, and Sarah got, mainly because I was so absorbed in my own Christmas fantasyland! What a great memory. Years later we learned that "Santa" was Grandpa Bud, who absolutely loved nothing better than his Grandkids. We love you Grandpa Bud and Grandma Donna!


Dawni said…
Ahh memories!!! I KNOW we saw Santa that night. Remember, Paul even pointed out Rudolph's nose in the darkened, snowy sky?!

That year i got a Barbie motorhome. Ohhhh how I loved that!! I remember your big wheel too Simon!

Remember the 'kids table' for dinner? We would go upstairs and I would attempt Christmas music on gramas organ?

Those are some of my favorite memories. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and a few tears...and like you said Merry Christmas Grampa....(and grama :)

Dawn "#1" lol
Simon Miller said…
Wow Dawn. Great post! I knew you would fill in some gaps for me!

#1. lol! I get to be #1 on the Miller side!
Great memories. To this day I have no idea how we rode those things in the kitchen and hallway.

Hope you have a merry christmas.
Dawni said…
LOL!! not only can i figure out how you rode them in the house, but in the house filled with everyone of us 'vanvleets'!LOL
Thanks for the blog Simon, and for Paul for's almost a little like we are together tonight :) *wiping yet ANOTHER tear SUCH a sap!*
love you guys
Dawni said…
my sister is here reminding me of the scarves (hand me downs) from grama all had nice new sweatsuits, and me and doon got old lady scarves that we rapidly tied around our heads to wear thru the night and to give the family a good laugh! LOL
Simon Miller said…
Not only do I remember the scarves from Granny Krull, but I remember you two racing feverishly to see who got theirs opened first because you two always got the same thing from Grandma Krull. lol Good times!
danee said…
oh those were great memories! does every kid have great memories like that or was it just us?
it was.... magical!
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Memories, indeed! Delene and I have some classic VHS footage of Christmas Eves at Bud and Donna's house. Even one with me singing "O!Little Town of Smelterville" while I'm outside filming. It seems like the video was a lot better than the audio in that one. We'll have to dig out some of those and share. Christmas Eve. dinner by Grandma Donna and Santa Claus played by Grandpa Bud. Happy Holidays! JLMJr.

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